Shuntaro Chishiya


thats bad.

- Chishiya, when a grenade is thrown at them

chishiya is from alice in borderland! the moment they appeared on my screen i knew this would be the character im most obsessed with.

i never grew past the stage when i was a kid where im obsessed with like mysterious characters who act really smart and/or smug all the time and are kind of a dick so the first scene with them made it CLEAR they would be a fav. just standing there watching the others play the game and analyzing just hits my buttons. and idk! their character development is good the whole way.

also the moment i saw them i thought they kinda lowkey give me trans vibes. idk what it is i just decided theyre trans. alice in borderland even has a canon trans character i dont have to invent my own but consider:

  1. they have the vibes
  2. the person they hang out with the most is trans
  3. they're trans.

also theres the scene where theyre running through bullets with their hands in their pockets and see a grenade and go "oh thats bad." how are they so NONCHALANT about it all

im gonna read the manga soon and i hope it will only give me more to appreciate about Chishiya.