Kokichi Oma


kokichi oma is from danganronpa v3!!! in general danganronpa v3 is like. so good. love that game.

he's my favorite character in danganronpa v3 because hes just like!! a tiny little liar. literally throughout the entire game he just fuckign! lies abt everything!! and like? i think i like him better than the chaotic characters in the previous games becuase he like has no malice whatsoever. he just really likes lying. hes not trying to push people into despair so their hope can glow brighter hes not just doing things becuase he thinks hes entitled to, hes not trying to win the game he just loves lying!!! and who can blame him! thats the greatest mechanic danganronpa v3 introduced!!!

one of my fav moments with him is at some point during a class trial there's a lie u can do and no one catches u in the lie except him and hes just kinda like "nice". and doesnt tell anyone else that you're lying when that happened i was just like yay he likes me im a liar too!!!!

also he just kinda like. feels more relatable than like nagito and byakuya and stuff yk? like at some point the killing games wear him out, maybe they always did? like you can just tell that hes kinda like shielding himself from everything by doing his favourite thing: lying and then he tries to end the killing game the same way! and yk what? at least he got a lot closer than nagito (no hate to nagito tho hes great too)

anyways he's great i love him