gf visit :)


i visited my girlfriend!

i got home two days ago but i was TIRED from the plane ride and also MALNOURISHED from the stores being closed so i didnt write any blog post about it yet! but here it is!!!

zoe and me being cute

visiting my girlfriend was really nice! we mostly just hung out in faer room and cuddled non-stop tbh,, but it was RLY NICE

i also decided during the trip that i'll move to faer in germany as soon as its possible for me to do that,,,

so overall! pretty good trip!

we also had to begrudgingly leave faer house and stop cuddling sometimes bc fae had university while i visited! so i had to come with faer to university

but it was p nice!! i got to meet one of faer friends and they seemed v nice! (even tho i was so scared of them cuz i didnt want them to hate me(⌒_⌒;))

me and my gf also went for a long walk the final day before i had to go home!

i took lots of pictures on the walk that u can see on my photography page! the walk was really nice :)

zoe being cute

we also made food together a bunch of times it was p cool

also! i cleaned my kitchen and it has improved my life tenfold. i feel like a person now. (still a tiger tho)

my kitchen was uncleaned for like several months except for like small miniscule bits of cleaning i managed to muster at random.

but yesterday i did it! i cleaned my kitchen fully!!! and now everything feels so much nicer.

so thats pretty cool