new website!


this website is brand new! i spent this whoole week working on it!!!

my old website was cool and all but i just wanted something new. im very happy with the new so far.

this website uses nuxt content to handle most things, which makes it a lot easier for me to add new stuff to the site. i can make this post by just writing a markdown file! i can add new photos to the photography section by jsut writing a short yaml file! all of it is like that and its nice.

with new website, i also expanded my blog a little. it used to just be for diary-ish entries like this one, but i want to post more! so i moved the blorbo section from the old website to this website's blog, i added a programming section (which currently only has an advent of code post taken from a series of cohost posts), i wanna add a games section, for talking about games i've been playing and thoughts about them adn stuff. speakingof thoughts, i wanna add a section of the blog for writing about my thoughts on whatever issues i want.

i ujst wanna be able to write whenever i want! and itll be easier now than it was on the old website which is rly nice!!!

with new website comes exciting new possibilities

(still expect me to not post anything at all for several months at a time tho...)