i neeeed fluffy ears :(


i want big fluffy ears and paws so baaad,,,,,

thats the mood lately

i went to florida a couple of days ago and took a few photographs (todo: link to photography page).

it wasnt the prettiest place so i didnt take many pictures, but there were a few i was kinda happy with.

i want to createee so baddd,,,, i want to make art and games and stuff but it is HARDD,

i tried to draw kim kitsuragi recently but i just couldnt do it.

i had like! A MOMENT,, where i could draw without feeling horrible!!!! but im starting to think it was a fluke, (or that maybe i was only really ok with the drawing because it was of harrier du bois and a fucked up drawing of that guy is a normal drawing of that guy)

but likeee

i just wanna be fine with making art thats kinda bad and rough around the edges,, as long as its MY CREATION that i get to point to and say LOOK!!! I MADE THIS THING!!!!!!

but i just CANT. DO IT.

i put my little pen to my little drawing tablet or my little finger to my little laptop touchpad and i feel like every movement i do is wrong and for every line i draw ive made an irredeemable mistake until it builds up so much that i just have to delete the whole thing because i cant show this to people i cant even look at it myself

anyways. i wish i could draw a fursona for myself. it would fix me.