happy :)


oh boy its been ALMOST A MONTH since i last updated this!!!! that was a close one!

the day kinda just started (it is 10:00) but its a GOOD DAY.

my sleep schedule has been SUPER fucked lately. but i FINALLY got some got damn sleep at a reasonable hour yesterday. IT WAS SO NICE

before last night i was falling asleep at like!! 10:00 and waking up at like 18:00. that does things to you...

so far today i've not done much but i did finally take out the trash and go to the store!

i forgot the store opens late on saturdays so i was there like one and a half hours too early but i took the opportunity to go for a walk until the store opens.

the mountains around me looked soo pretty the way the sun was hitting them but i didnt have my camera with me to take a pic :( but! i did have my flip phone (i was listening to some rly good music on it)

so u get flip phone pics of the pretty mountain lol

picture of the mountain

another picture of the mountain from further away

i am just so overall happy today :))

it feels like today is gonna be such a good day