gf anniversary!!! (also im still using dvorak)


im still using dvorak! i like it :)

i still cant type that fast but its at acceptable levels now, i think. like im around 40 wpm which isnt an impressive number but its fast enough that i dont think others have to get bored waiting for me to finish

i promised i would mention some things i like abt it once im fast enough so uhhh! here are some things:

wrist less ow¹

the keys are laid out so that when you type words each letter will often alternate between the hands, which feels rly rhythmic and fun

symbols are more easily available, numbers require u to hold shift (this is nice because i use symbols more often than numbers. not that it makes that much of a difference, but i like it)

the keys are also laid out so that in the occasional cases where u type several letters in a row with the same hand, ull usually do a little drum from the outside and in. does that make sense? dont care

¹ i have to keep using it to know for sure that its actually helping my wrist. my wrists like to hurt randomly and itd be cool if this made that stop happening but theres no way to be sure until ive used it for like a year

in other much more important news!!! today is a v special day!!!!! its me and my girlfriend's 2 year anniversary!

two years ago i told faer i dreamt fae called me faer girlfriend and two years ago fae told me fae was literally already doing that because it was so fucking obvious we were dating already and the only one who didnt know was me nueothoeo

anyways im so lucky that fae isnt as big of a mess as i am and im so so lucky i get to spend my life with faer

fae is literally the love of my life. my everything. center of the universe

someday we will celebrate like our fuckign,,, 90 year anniversary together. and im so excited for it. and for every moment that leads to it, and every moment after

also in less important news is it even news?

nothing is happening at uni! there is literally nothing going on over there! were learning abt critically acclaimed boardgame monopoly or something. i hate uni lectures so much

officially announcing my intention to just never watch another lecture. ill just like fuckign. read abt the things instead. much easier than understanding wtf these lecturer people are doing