gf visit! 2!!


hello! its been a while... zoe visited me this summer which was really nice!

picture of me and zoe

like usual, we didn't really do much special. we just vibed together and enjoyed being together.

we cooked a lot together like usual, and we also explored some local hiking trails together. and we walked like an hour to the store every day to buy groceries so we could make food together!

also we watched a lot of fresh prince of bel-air

something that sucked was that i got like really sick the last days that fae was here and also we had plans to go to a lake and swim in it but the weather was not permitting.....

but!!! it was really nice to be with zoe,, it was the longest visit yet! like 2 and a half weeks! (half a week longer than usual!!)

oh also zoe took a really cute picture of me while fae was visiting!!

picture of me smiling at the camera

also i made a silly VOG of one of the walks we went on