starting to learn guitar!


i got a guitar today! i'm really excited to learn how 2 play

it's not my first time, when i was 11 i first started learning to play an acoustic guitar. i had a really nice teacher in elementary school (who was also p scary) who taught me how to play!
later on i began taking classes, and i was learning a lot! at around 15 i quit the lessons though, bc of being Really Depressed. then i began a cycle of endlessly just trying to learn songs by looking up tabs online but never really learning anything new bc i was barely challenging myself.

but! i really miss playing guitar and i think i could make more progress if i actually like. challenge myself to learn new things. learn music theory. etc. (in guitar lessons there was an attempt to teach music theory, but it was sort of disguised behind forcing us to play classical guitar and the sudden shift really upset me so i didnt really learn anything... now i understand what a fool i was..)

anyways. that's enough rambling about my origin story and stuff.

actually beginning to learn

i got a cheap electric guitar kit from gear4music. its cheap, but i think the quality is fine for me right now, and i couldnt afford spending a million on guitar rn.

a picture of me holding a black and white electric guitar. the background is pink and blurry.

so! the learning! ive been following courses on i saw a lot of recommendations for these courses online, so i wanna follow them and try out playing songs i like on the side.

so far ive not gotten that far. i got to the lessons that cover the D and A chords.
it's really strange playing guitar after all this time. i used to be able to play the D really easily before, but now i find myself frequently messing it up. it's difficult! and my fingers hurt! but ive learned this once before, i know i can do it again. and i already think im slowly getting better at that D chord.

i also struggle A LOT with holding the guitar properly. i think there are some habits that i still have from acoustic back when i was 15, so i keep feeling like the guitar is just like... too thin. since acoustic is muuuch thicker. but im sure i'll get used to that!

anyways.. yeah! thats it. i wanna keep updating here with my progress while i learn. maybe i'll upload some videos too. who knows. i do.......