things r starting to make sense...


i've gotten better at guitar since my last post! as i'm writing this right now, it has been a couple of days since last time i practiced, but im gonna try to get more practice in tomorrow :3

a lot of the stuff i struggled with last time has gotten natural. i played wonderwall to my girlfriend. im getting the hang of this.

this weekend i want to watch more of the justinguitar lessons. i like them. the way i've been learning so far is just by trying to practice a little every day, and when i feel like it and i have time, i watch the next justinguitar lesson. sometimes i just have like 10 minutes to practice, and then i feel more like just picking up the guitar and practicing the chords i know, switching between them, playing i am just a fish, etc.

my fingers still get p owie after each time i practice, but that'll get better with time i'm sure.

anyways! that's it for now! i was planning on putting a video of me playing at the end of this post, but i'm too lazy to record one rn. so you'll have to wait till next time.