oh my god i'm so fuckign gay aaaaaa,,,

my girlfriend is so fuckign perfect and good and pretty and i'm so os gay aaaa,,,

like i could never imagine anyone more perfect than zoe,,, fae is just like the sweetest and kindest and most amazing person i've ever met and every moment i spend with faer its just like,,, omg,,,,, how do i deserve to be so blessed??? i get to talk to faer every single day like oh my god im so so so lucky???? aaaaaa???!?!

and also fae is just like,, so cool and talented and good at things and like omg i jsut think all the things fae does are so cool,,,, like look!! at faer website!!! and faer bandcamp!! and this website its so fucking cool holy shit and idk! i just think everyone should look at the cool things my girlfriend does becuase like!!!! fae works so ahrd on this stuff and its so fucking cool and fae is so fucking cool and im such a SIMP i cant help it!!!!

in conclusion,

i'm gay